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Who we are

 MPO is a Saudi company specialized in the production and sale of lubricants, owning an ideal factory that uses modern technology to produce lubricants with high quality and competitive prices.

We seek in MPO to be committed to manufacturing high quality products with international specifications through our qualified Staff and in support of the Kingdom’s vision 2030

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We always strive to make MPO Lubricants an perfect choice in the world of Lubricants


of MPO Lubricants is to exert all our energy to provide high-tech and world-class products in the hands of high-level employees commensurate with the local and international market and in line with the vision of the Kingdom 2030


Mobl seeks to provide high quality oil products at competitive prices. Our business is divided into exploration, production and integrated renewable energy solutions, and we are committed to an effective policy to dispose of used oils according to a scheduled and sustainable program with the aim of preserving the environment and providing distinctive value and in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030



Engine oil is the fluid that keeps all the basic moving parts in the combustion process and the operation of the car engine in a cold state, which makes it one of the most important mechanical components, hence the importance of knowing the right oil for the car

Mineral Grease Products

High temperature grease products are manufactured by mixing inorganic condensed and high quality base oils including high temperature and rust resistant agent. This oil is water-resistant and provides effective protection against rust and corrosion for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Mineral Oils In Different Capacities

Mineral oil is used as a heat conductor. Since it is incompressible, it is also used in hydraulic drives in cranes and presses, as well as in lubrication. Light types of it are used in the manufacture of fabrics and jute.


Climate change

Reducing emissions to counter climate change.

sustainable business

Sustainability is the spirit that permeates all aspects of our company.
It motivates us to push the boundaries of creativity and technology to develop and implement meaningful solutions to global energy and climate challenges.

Protecting the natural environment

Implement policies and procedures that contribute to limiting any damage resulting from operational operations.

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