Sustainability Report


The sustainable development policy is based on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the wealth and capabilities of future generations. Out of this general concept, The Mobl Petroleum and Chemicals Factory sought to implement this global policy and support its strategies by promoting effective work practices and standardizing the performance indicators and visions in the oil sector to achieve growth


Environmental considerations do not conflict with economic growth considerations in all cases. The Rationalization of energy use can raise the efficiency of energy sources and at the same time serve environmental purposes by preserving these non-renewable resources.

Since there are environmental dimensions to development programs, and implementation of these programs requires consumption of large amounts of energy, thus the issues of environment, development and energy (oil) have become linked to each other in relationships of complementarity and mutual dependence.

Hence our commitment to observe environmental standards in light of the succession of global technical developments.

We work hard to reduce the environmental impacts and problems of oil production, such as managing water produced with oil, getting rid of related gas, and preventing oil and gas leakage from pipelines or tanks

Our services

Environmental management is a priority for us at the Senior Executive and Board levels. Robust systems, procedures, programs, and oversight are in place to optimize our environmental initiatives, enabling us to build capacity to measure performance across the company, while aligning sustainability efforts with our business goals.
The environmental motivation and the achievement of the sustainable development goals was the reason of establishing the service " disposal of used oils inside fuel tanks", where we clean fuel tanks in factories and companies and transfer the remains of fuel and oils to our factories for remanufacturing, thus achieving the maximum benefit from fuel and not wasting natural resources .

The action of Mobl for Petroleum and Chemicals’ in implementing the sustainable development plan:

1- Educate Mobil employees about the guiding principles of sustainability and raise their awareness of the national and international implications of sustainable growth.

2- Linking sustainability goals and objectives to the process of budgeting operations, maintenance, capital improvement, and specific sustainability objectives for projects.

3- Participation in voluntary protection programs in the Department of Occupational Safety and Health.

4- Develop and implement a waste management plan in the company.

5- Participation in the comprehensive emergency response exercise in order to assess the capacity and effectiveness of emergency responders if an actual emergency situation occurs.

6- Develop a plan in all stations to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner. 7- Emergency response plans were provided in all locations.

8- Training of employees on first aid.

9- Vehicles are extinguished if they are not in use or in operation.